Few Words About Our Product Nice to Meet You

We are situated inside Juja City Mall opposite Maxland Hotel Juja, our product is along the busy Thika Super Highway at Exit 15B. We have been in operation since 2017, we have been able to grow thanks to you all our loyal customers.

Our story is that of paying attention to the smallest of details. We go further and tailor our great product to suit your kids’ needs quarter after quarter.

Offering excellent service while enjoying your time out here with us is our core goal.

Welcome and have fun at our Funworld at Juja City Mall.

family fun experience
Juja city mall funworld
Funworld at JCM

Where the fun is happenning Maxland Funworld

This is the place,is where kids’ childhood memories are created which is something brilliant.Here we make your little ones’ meetup and create memories in a comfortable and professional atmosphere. Visit us any weekend and you will never regret!

How does the fun happen Happy Moments Only

At Juja City Mall, we have the cool Maxland restaurant which can house over 70 people at once, we have the accommodation to sleep-in when needing that rest, we have the food from our Chef. Come visit , we have the Mall where you can do all your shopping. Our Funworld is just at the heart of all this. Visit us and get everything you need in our Mall complex. We only promise a good time for you and your family members.

Juja city mall funworld
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Smiles on KIds' faces
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